Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Good Thinking

Sometimes I meet people that immediately impress me for no understandable reason. It's a mystery of human chemistry that can only be understood through time and observation.  Marty Odlin is one of these characters who has this effect on people.  
I had the pleasure of working with Marty for a period of time in Seattle until his tenacity led him to NYC where he is now the assistant director of the Education center for Sustainable Engineering at Columbia University. But as if that were not enough Marty started a small bamboo bike studio in Brooklyn. Please take a moment and listen to his article on NPR and visit the wesite... Bamboo Bike Studio.
Good luck Marty and crew.  Hope to see you soon;)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Introducing Bogdan Darev

Bogdan is the reason I take my grip gloves with me everywhere...
I met Bogdan one rainy day in Pioneer Square while walking home from the book store.  As i passed the shadiest alley of the neighborhood I noticed the unmistakable hustle of movie makers. I stopped to investigate. Ten minutes later I was crewing for the picture (Jacob Leander, now one of my closest friends, was the producer who invited me aboard but we will save Jacob's story for another day;).  Bogdan is a visionary. His optimism is contagious and at the heart of all his pictures.  
One year later we went back and shot another film in the same alley. Please visit facebook to see updates from Bogdan's latest production... This One's About Love... a beautiful story that effectively combines Bogdan's heavily stylized visuals with a philanthropic story of human compassion in a time of little hope. 
Can't wait to work on the next one, Bog's;)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Captain Mike Maniglia

It is my honor to introduce Mike Maniglia. 

I always look forward to working with Mike because of how much I learn from his quick personality a resourceful  thinking. He’s a great teacher and it turns out he is also a talented actor, who knew?

Mike is the real deal paradigm DFC (down for the cause) team player.  I’d go so far as to call him team captain. 

When making a movie with Captain Mike bring your work gloves, a sense of humor, and your toughest skin cause his personality is like cross between Chris Rock and Oscar The Grouch.  This may not sound like a compatible combination but truth be told, you will not be able dislike Mike.

Please visit Subterra Films (www.subterrafilms.com)

 to see Mike's work.