Sunday, March 20, 2011


Why Not? I mean really, why not spend a couple weekends making your own low pro motorcycle movie? It’s not like you have anything better to do. Just get a crew of your closest friends together, a camera, find some tiny little town in the middle of no where Washington and just start shooting. It’s that simple. It may not be that good, but it is that simple:)

Untitled from Connor Hair on Vimeo.

Director: Connor Hair

Assistant Director: Josh Lane

Produced by: Josh Lane, Todd Blubaugh, Alex Meader, Connor Hair

DP:Alex Meader

Edited by Connor Hair

Music by: Antony De Genarro

Costume Design: Todd Blubaugh

Written by: Josh Lane And Alex Meader

Production design: Josh Lane, Garret Anderson, Noah Dolan, Alex Meader, Connor Hair, Todd Blubaugh

Costume Design: Todd Blubaugh

Cast: Bill Johns, Todd Blubaugh , Gabriel Gonda, Kerri Melzer, Nick Depaolo, Mark Mcguane


  1. Wow. I love motorcycles and find myself going from one blog to another finding the coolest goods... So glad I stumbled across your blog from to see ur interview and now just found this short film that I thought was amazing! Keep up the great work and your site is now on my "favorites" sidebar! Greatings from SoCal..
    oh and don't mind my's just one that I set up for my english155 class and it's the only way I could post this comment.haha

  2. Beautiful. Intense like Vincent Gallo.